Project Overview

The Youth Empowerment in Commercial Transportation Pilot Project is designed to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment and to prepare
and empower young people to make meaningful contributions to national development. The project seeks to empower youths by
strengthening the already existing youth structures in various communities in the country by providing taxi cars or motorbikes on loan
to 60 groups comprising of 20 youths each.

The taxis or bikes introduced into the 60 communities will serve two purposes: first, it will empower youths in the communities and help improve their economic status and second, it will ease the commercial transport constraints in those communities. The project will engage both
male and female youths depending on their interest and willingness.

The project is designed to be a revolving loan scheme that will ensure that youth groups pay back on a weekly/monthly basis an agreed
percentage of their earnings to the Ministry of Youth Affairs. The project would assign Loan Recovery Officers (LROs) for the collection of
earnings. The LROs will issue out receipts to youth groups and encourage them to maintain balanced cash books. The loans paid back
will enable the ministry to replicate the project in other areas of the country, thereby expanding the project’s reach.

The project will have three components as follows:

  • Identification of Youth Groups and Provision of taxis and motorbikes
  • Training in Entrepreneurship
  • Monitoring and Loan Recovery

Project Goal

Youths in the Western Urban and Rural Areas of Sierra Leone are
empowered to be gainfully employed in the commercial transport space.

Project Objectives

Objective 1: MOYA-supported youths in the commercial transportation
project are empowered to own and benefit from taxi and motorbikes by
the end of the project.

Objective 2: Youths in the commercial transport project are diversifying
their income base.

Main Project Activities

  • In a participatory manner, agree on 65 communities in which the
    project will be implemented across the country.
  • Identify interested and deserving youths and organize them into groups
  • Give out 15 taxis on loan to 15 youth groups in the Western Urban
    area, 8 motor bikes to 8 groups in Western Rural and 42 motor bikes to
    42 groups (3 per district) in the fourteen districts.
  • Train youths in the basics of entrepreneurship and support them to save
    up and start small businesses of their choice to the sides.
  • Monitor the project and ensure that youths pay back the cost of the
    taxis and motorbikes on a regular basis.

What Will Success Look Like?

  • Youths have increased knowledge in the basics of entrepreneurship
  • Youths engaged in the project are using acquired entrepreneurial skills
    to save up and set up other small businesses on the sides.
  • Youth groups make regular repayments of loans for taxis and
  • Ownership of taxis and motorbikes transferred to youths.