Project Overview

The Youth in Car Wash project will benefit male and female, literate or illiterate youths in 60 locations across the country directly benefiting thirty five youths each. The project will also indirectly benefit five dependants of each of the total 2,100 youths across the country. MOYA is setting up the Youth Car Wash Centers in collaboration with Local Council Authorities in each district.

The project will have three components as follows:

  • Job Creation and basic entrepreneurship training
  • Improvement in the methods and equipments used for car washing
    like use of Spray guns, Water Well with Hand-pump, Water Tanks
    with 5,000 litres capacity, open canopies with corrugated roofing
    constructed over the pits to make car washing possible even when it
  • Augmentation of incomes of youth car washers like installation of
    lubrication and tire service facilities, barbing services for vehicle
    owners waiting for their vehicles to be cleaned and operation of
    mini-marts that sell car accessories.

Project Goal

Youth unemployment in car wash project locations is reduced in a
sustainable manner.

Project Objectives

  • Youths across the country are undertaking car wash services as a
    professional career
  • Youth realize increased incomes from their participation in the car
    wash project.

Main Project Activities

  • Approach land owners and acquire land required for construction of
    car wash centres across the country.
  • Identify and provide employment for youths in the car wash-centres
  • Train youths in the basics of entrepreneurship and support them to
    save up and start small businesses of their choice to the sides.
  • Construct and equip car wash centres across the country.
    for the youths.
  • Undertake profiling of youths at the Car Wash Centres and do
    baseline on youth participants.
  • Establish mini-marts. at car wash centres to generate additional

What Will Success Look Like?

  • Car wash centres are constructed and equipped with improved car
    wash equipment like ramps, jet spray machines, bore holes with
    submersible pumps and protected sheds.
  • Income-generating mini-marts are set up and stocked at car wash
  • Car wash centres are operated efficiently and profitably
  • Youths engaged in the project are using acquired entrepreneurial
    skills to save up and set up other small businesses on the sides.