The current Minister of Youth Affairs, Mohamed Bangura, was born on the 24th of December 1985 in the northern town of Magburaka Tonkolili District. His dad like his mother were uneducated and both petty traders by profession. His father died when he was a toddler. Right from childhood, his mother saw great promise in him, thereby promoting him to the bluest eye of the family.

He started his educational sojourn at TDEC primary school in Magburaka and had to drop out of school because the Mother could no longer afford paying his educational bills which was common before the introduction of the Free Quality Education to Sierra Leonean kids of school going age. The mother then advised that he should travel to the southern city of Bo to be trained in tailoring. While in Bo, Mr Mohamed Bangura was nicknamed “Orman” a name which many of his compatriots now consider as his middle name, though he still uses Mohamed Bangura as his official name.

Driven by restless pursuit for success, the youth minister endured years upon years of adversity . For instance, at the skills training centre he enrolled after dropping out of school, there was no provision for him and his colleagues to sleep in a house, so they slept on market tables in the market square of Bo.

Because of his passion for education, Mohamed Orman Bangura left the skills training center and secured himself a wheelbarrow man job (porter). When passengers arrive in the city of Bo or other people who had heavy loads needed help, he will help deliver their goods at their destinations for a small pay. The little resources he gathered from his day’s Labour was what he used to pay his fees as he got enrolled at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School in Bo. He was then offered a job at a bakery as a junior bread baker which also was used for his education and upkeep. As a result of his passion for results and transformation he got recruited to serve as a salesman in one of the leading pharmaceutical stores in Bo.

During these troubling times, our own Mohamed Orman Bangura like most deprived youth in Sierra Leone was thinking of ways to cross the Mediterranean to seek for a new life that will offer him unlimited opportunities. Those were dreams as people who struggled and made it through to Europe and America will always send pictures of a luxurious life style in their new found paradise.

However, as a result of the many challenges and news of young people dying on the Mediterranean, he killed off those thoughts for a secured future and rather sought to build his capacity to fit into society. He knew that the best could only come through perseverance and an unwavering commitment to service and excellence.

He sat to his West African Certificate Examination and passed. Mr. Bangura proceeded to the Former Athens and Oxbridge of West Africa, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. At university, he pursued a course in Accounting.It is worthy to note that he accepted admission into university, despite the fact that he had no fees and there was none to help him pay, factors which could have easily damaged his strides for excellence. Based on his commitment and humility, he was recognized by a friend who helped pay his first year fee and in the second year was awarded a scholarship.

Mohamed Orman Bangura graduated from university and was recruited at the Standard Chartered Bank in Freetown as Compliance Officer in September 2010 to 24th July 2011. Afterwards, he was recruited to serve as an Accountant at the London Mining Company on the 24th July 2011 and served till 9th November 2013.

After these successful years working for the London Mining Company, he resigned for pursuit of new experience as he secured a job with Total Global Steel as Finance and Admin Manager. From March 28th 2015 to 20th August 2016 during the height of the Ebola Outbreak,Mohamed Orman Bangura served as a station manager in Strive Ebola Prevention project.In 2017, Mohamed Orman Bangura was recruited to serve as Chief Accountant at the EHealth Africa. He served in that capacity until it pleased his Excellency Julius Maada Bio, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone to appoint him as Minister of Youth Affairs in 2018.

During his brief stay in office, probably driven by his experience while growing up, has already pushed for a lot of innovative youth project aimed at creating safer spaces for youth. Among such is the strategic partnerships with International organisation for Migration towards stamping the tide of hazardous youth migration through the Mediterranean sea. He also signed agreements with Plan and UNFPA and consistently urges them to help the Government of Sierra Leone in her strides towards empowering youths to enormously contribute to national development. He is currently working on launching the Youth Empowerment Fund which is a major project that will help put money into the hands of young people with very innovative ideas and those who have already started running their own entrepreneurial drives. He is currently working on a number of developmental projects that will help address the high unemployment rate among young people in the country which will create safer spaces for same. This he strongly believes will help prevent the mad rush of young people from Sierra Leone to Europe and America on risky boats on the Mediterranean.

As a peace loving citizen, it is not surprising that he is restless about youth development because his constituency makes up of 33.3 percent of Sierra Leone’s population, and neglecting such a huge demography spells doom for the country. I present to you the Minister of Youth Affairs of Sierra Leone Mohamed Orman Bangura.